If you're ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime - a journey that begins with "yes" and culminates in "happily ever after" - then Wed'Love is here to make your dreams come true. Let's create memories that will last a lifetime, together.


wed'love : Provence wedding planner

You envision a wedding that's not just about saying "I do," but about creating an immersive experience for your guests—one that they'll reminisce about for years to come.

Your dream? A three-day extravaganza in the picturesque landscapes of Provence, where every detail is meticulously curated, and every moment is infused with magic.

You're a dynamic, forward-thinking Millennial couple, residing in the bustling cities of New York City, Chicago, D.C... Or from the chic cities of Northern Europe in Amsterdam, Oslo...? With busy lives and careers, you command positions of influence. But beyond the boardroom, you're epicureans at heart, relishing in the finer things life has to offer. You live for moments of celebration, and your wedding is no exception.

I handle it all for you, so you can focus on what truly matters: savoring every moment of your engagement and celebrating your love.

Planning a destination wedding from across the pond can be overwhelming. That's where I come in. Wed'Love is here to alleviate the stress and uncertainty that often accompany wedding planning.

Relax while we take care of your wedding's organization : from venue selection to vendor coordination, from accommodation arrangements to itinerary planning...

i'm Anaïs

My mission is simple: to transform your wedding vision into a reality, ensuring that your special day exceeds even your wildest expectations. With my unparalleled attention to detail, my knack for creativity, and my commitment to excellence, I’ll orchestrate a wedding experience that's uniquely yours—one that reflects your style, your personality, and your love story.

certified elite destination wedding planner in provence

I help couples overcome the challenges they face when planning a destination wedding in Provence.

Here's why I’m the right person to help you organize your wedding in beautiful Provence:

Expertise in Destination Weddings

With my certification as a Destination Wedding Planner, I possess specialized knowledge and skills tailored specifically for planning weddings in unique locations like Provence. My expertise ensures that couples receive guidance and support customized to their destination wedding needs.

Local Knowledge and Experience

Having lived in the South of France since 2015, I have an intimate understanding of the region, its culture, and its wedding industry. This local knowledge allows me to recommend the best venues, vendors, and resources that align with each couple's preferences and budget.

Language Proficiency

Fluent in French and English, I bridge the language barrier for couples who may struggle with communication when dealing with local vendors and navigating French paperwork. My language skills ensure smooth and clear communication throughout the planning process.

Vendor Relationships

Over the years, I’ve built strong relationships with reputable vendors in Provence, including florists, caterers, photographers, and more. These connections enable me to secure quality services at competitive prices, saving couples time and effort in vendor selection and negotiation.

Tailored Services

At Wed'Love, I offer a full-service planning experience, taking care of every aspect of the wedding planning process from start to finish. My personalized approach means that couples receive individualized attention and support, ensuring their wedding day reflects their unique vision and style.

Attention to Detail

With meticulous attention to detail, I oversee every aspect of the wedding planning process, from venue selection to guest accommodations to logistics coordination. My thorough approach minimizes stress for couples and ensures a seamless and unforgettable wedding experience.

Béatrice & Félix Wunderlich, September 2023

Anais and her team made not only our dreams come true but knew exactly how to handle anything unplanned and any changes - and they do it with ease! They will make the entire wedding planning process so much more enjoyable and happy.

I also want to say that they are all such relaxed lovely people that you will feel like your friend is there to help you!

Where do I start? I will start by saying don’t think twice. Just hire Anaïs and her team, you won’t regret it!

Lisa & Andrew Woods, May 2023

We stayed on the property in Provence for 8 days with all our guests. We had activities scheduled throughout the week as well as a Welcome Reception, Ceremony, Lunch, Dinner, and post-Brunch. All of the meals were catered on site with beautiful decorations throughout the weekend. Organizing this from thousands of miles away is difficult and we were fortunate to have Anais helping us the whole time. Thank god for Anais. Highly recommend them for your wedding or any event planning.

Anaïs and her team are wonderful people and our wedding would have been impossible to plan without them.

Simone & Christian Helvind, September 2019

She was extremely professional and very proactive during our entire planning phase and really paid attention to every detail. During the events, she and her team did a fantastic job of keeping track of and coordinating every work stream of the different suppliers – from the florist to the traiteurs ! On top of that, she was very very sweet and really made a personal commitment to our wedding. She was the key in ensuring that we had the wedding of our dreams and she made sure that we could relax and enjoy our big day fully.

As a Danish couple planning a wedding in the South of France, we were looking for a local wedding planner with a strong local network to help facilitate contact to suppliers and coordinate our events during the weekend. In Anaïs, we found just that and much more !

Stéphane Bonnefond, Aloha Monaco

Anaïs' flawless organization, her proactivity, her elegance and discretion in all circumstances make her an invaluable asset to ensure the success of major events.

Anaïs has accompanied us with professionalism and involvement for many years in the coordination of prestigious events on the French Riviera, from Monaco to St Tropez, with a will to provide a very high quality service to a demanding Top VIP clientele.

By choosing me with Wed'Love and entrusting their destination wedding plans to me, couples can rest assured that they are in capable hands, guided by expertise, local knowledge, and a genuine passion for creating unforgettable wedding experiences in the picturesque setting of Provence.

My passion for weddings shines through in my work. I’m dedicated to helping couples create their dream wedding in Provence.

When I was a teenager, my mom owned an events company. She always loved setting tables, entertaining and creating unique decorations. From the age of 14, I began accompanying her on various events. At the start of my professional career, I had the chance to work abroad, which enabled me to improve my language skills. 

I launched Wed'Love in 2018 and since then I have had the chance to produce, create bespoke multi-day weddings for a demanding, epicurean foreign clientele. I also had the privilege to take part in the Masterclass Référence - season 1 and trained to obtain the prestigious title of Wedding Planner Elite.

Every day, I feel grateful and honored by how far I've come since 2018, but also feel in my place, helping couples who put their trust in me.

how it all started

my core values


To act with passion, honesty and integrity in everything I do.

Excel & Improve

I believe that excellence and continuous improvement are closely linked. This is how I aim to satisfy you by offering you a premium quality service. 

Get it done

My clients trust me to design and produce a tailor-made event, and I take this very seriously. My team and I are here to overcome obstacles, find solutions and deliver results.


Cultivating professional and personal relationships helps us to evolve and progress.

let me tell you why...

I'm the perfect match to craft your dream wedding in the breathtaking landscapes of Provence.

from Real Estate to Event Excellence

My journey began at the age of 20 when I delved into the intricate world of real estate, honing my skills in management and organization. But life had grander plans for me! I embarked on an adventure with Club Med, immersing myself in diverse cultures and experiences, which only fueled my passion for creating unforgettable moments as I was in charge of VIP’s and Gold Members.

From Monaco Glamour to Saint-Tropez Sophistication

My path then led me to the glitz and glamour of Monaco, where I fine-tuned my craft in event coordination for VIP clientele. Handling every detail with precision, I orchestrated extravagant affairs from Monaco to Saint-Tropez, mastering the art of luxury and sophistication.

Certified Wedding Maestro

In 2018, after completing an intensive wedding planner course at IWI in Paris, Wed'Love was born. Armed with expertise and a heart full of passion, I set out to fulfill my lifelong dream of crafting extraordinary weddings in the enchanting landscapes of Provence.


Beyond the world of weddings, I'm proudly married to my rock, Michael, since September 2018, and blessed to be a mom since July 2020. Balancing the joys of motherhood with my entrepreneurial spirit, I've embraced the title of "Mom-Boss," navigating the beautiful chaos of life with grace and determination.

Why choose me?

Your wedding is a reflection of your love story, and I'm here to ensure every detail is flawlessly executed, tailored to your unique vision and style.

Tailored Perfection


Sit back, relax, and let Wed'Love handle the logistics. From venue selection to vendor coordination, I’ll turn your dreams into reality while you enjoy a stress-free journey to your big day.

Stress-Free Experience


Nestled in the heart of Provence, our weddings are set amidst picturesque vineyards, lush gardens, and historic chateaus, offering a backdrop of unparalleled beauty for your special day.

Provence Paradise


Fun Facts

From Belgium with love

Originally from Belgium, I’ve fully embraced the enchanting lifestyle of the South of France since moving there in 2015, indulging in the region's exquisite cuisine, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant culture.

Foodie at Heart

As a true epicurean, I delight in exploring the culinary delights of Provence, from savoring traditional Provençal dishes to discovering hidden gastronomic gems in the region. My passion for food extends beyond just tasting; I also enjoy experimenting with new recipes in my own kitchen, infusing creativity and flavor into my cooking adventures.

Dog Lover Extraordinaire

In addition to my love for all things weddings and food, I’m also a devoted dog parent to two adorable Australian Shepherds. When I’m not busy planning the perfect wedding or exploring the beauty of Provence, I can often be found enjoying quality time with my furry companions, whether it's going for long walks in the countryside, or simply cuddling up together at home. My dogs aren't just pets—they're cherished members of our family, bringing boundless joy and love into my life every day.

Ready to ditch the stress and elevate your wedding game to legendary status?

You're about to embark on the journey of a lifetime, and I'm your personal guide to making it happen!